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Ebotrade has more than 1000 square meters of warehouse space and 1300 square meters of office space for purchasing, sales and shipping at the company site in Bochum. Short official channels result in efficient workflows and short communication paths. The Bochum logistics site was expanded and upgraded alongside the new building, which was completed in 2014. The wholesale packing stations were expanded by 50% allowing for more efficient work. The new site can now ship up to 1 million packages per year.
Ebotrade can deliver packages for national orders within 24 hours and international orders generally within 48 hours. Packaging and safety are subject to the highest standards. Goods are shipped nationally via UPS and DHL Express and internationally via DHL Express, UPS and freight forwarders with whom we have collaborated successfully for many years. All of the shipping companies are required to book direct flights with well-known airlines. This ensures the fastest possible distribution at all times.

As a “known consignor” we guarantee fast, uncomplicated processing at airports for international shipments. Furthermore, we offer fulfillment solutions for national companies, thus creating especially efficient handling.
We allow our customers to focus on their core competences, while placing their distribution in professional hands.

Since February 2013, Ebotrade has been a customs-certified Authorized Economic Operator. This is an internationally recognized quality seal that offers numerous benefits for import and export transactions. Goods are given higher priority for customs handling, hence optimizing the logistical efficiency. In addition, customs handling in the United States, China, Hong Kong and Switzerland is fast-tracked, and goods and documentation are subject to fewer checks.